TO MENU

        A particular aesthetic ...

        ... characterized by warm colours such as yellow, orange, brown, strong shadows.
        I like places that allow a natural contrast to be obtained, such as small rooms with a window, the light of dawn and that of the sunset, the contrasts, the intensity of the emotions; These warm and dramatic moments at the same time.

        Photography is an experience. It is a story of connection between humans in a particular context.


        I am the guarantor of the memory, of the memories of life for posterity, I preserve the details and the emotions.

        This is why forging a bond with you (the couple) is essential. Confidence must accompany us throughout our wedding report or couple session. Indeed, I am often present during very intimate moments during which I know how to be discreet and sometimes reassuring too.


        Every wedding is important, every story is special, what I want is to create memories of moments and emotions.

        I am a privileged witness, I soak up the location, the details, the atmosphere, the shared moments.

        Just the gesture, the smile, the tear… I build a faithful narrative with a vision that is both artistic and documentary borrowing from photojournalism.

        As a wedding photographer, I am a very favoured viewer of your relationship on D-Day.